Camas Washougal Uhaul Rental Insurance FAQ

YES! Most Personal Auto Insurance policies do not provide coverage for non-owned vehicles that are not passenger cars, pick-ups, or light vans. Even policies that provide coverage for rental cars do not extend that coverage to vehicles over 10,000 GVW. With very rare exception, none provide any coverage for damage to the U-Haul Truck or Trailer itself.

U-Haul includes limited Liability Insurance for damage you cause to other people or their property (but not the truck/trailer itself) in the basic rental. More complete Liability coverage is available in the SafeMove Plus option.

U-Haul Trucks have values ranging from $17,000 to $45,000, trailers range up to $6,000. You are responsible for all damage to the U-Haul vehicle. SafeMove provides a waiver of this responsibility with some limitation. We recommend SafeMove Plus which provides the most complete protection (as well as enhanced Liability coverage).

Does my Business Auto Policy cover U-Haul Vehicles?

Some Business Auto Policies will provide coverage if properly endorsed AND the rental is for a business purpose. Call your agent and ask if your policy provides both Liability AND Physical Damage protection. If in doubt, we strongly recommend SafeMove Plus. (If your business rents vehicles of any type more than twice a year, adding Hired Auto Liability and Hired Auto Physical Damage to your Business Auto Policy will be the most cost effective.)

Do I need coverage for the personal property I put in the U-Haul Truck or Trailer?

If you have a Homeowner or Tenant Homeowner (renter’s) Policy, generally the personal property you are moving is insured just as if it was at your home. Your policy deductible would apply.

If you do not have a Homeowner or Tenant Homeowner Policy during the period of your rental, please consider SafeMove.

Most business policies provide limited coverage for property away from your business premise. It is best to ask your agent, who will need to know what type of property you are moving and its value.

I’ve never had an accident, why spend the extra money?

U-Haul Trucks and Trailers don’t drive like your own vehicle. They are obviously longer, wider, and have blind spots your own vehicle doesn’t have. Even professional drivers will find they handle differently. Additionally, U-Hauls are typically rented to go to a less-familiar place. These differences increase the risk of an accident even for the most experienced drivers.

We even had a U-Haul employee, who drives U-Haul equipment daily, do significant damage to a fence at One Stop Mini Storage.

With or without insurance, always take the following precautions:

  • Lock the cab and the cargo area. We recommend the round-type disc locks.
  • Keep an eye out for low clearances. Note the height of the truck. This is the most common damage to U-Haul Trucks.
  • Watch corners, your turning radius is much different than a car, and the rear of the truck will swing.
  • Check to be sure trailer hitches are tight after moving the trailer a few hundred feet, and after every stop. (It would not be the first time kids think it a cute trick to unscrew the hitch while you are parked.)

At One Stop Mini Storage, we strongly recommend at least the lower-cost “SafeMove” insurance when renting a truck or trailer through our Camas Uhaul rental services. “SafeMove Plus” is recommended if you do not have insurance on the contents of the truck/trailer, and for longer moves.