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Our facility literally straddles the City Limits between Camas WA and Washougal WA. If you truly prefer a Camas WA storage unit, we can do it, but if you happen to prefer a Washougal WA storage unit, just ask and we can do that too….a few feet away.

Camas WA is a delightful small town about 12 miles east of the Portland airport along the Columbia River. Originally founded as a mill town around a paper mill built specifically to provide newsprint to the Oregonian Newspaper, “the mill” was the dominate employer until the mid-1990s. In early years, prune orchards filled the farmland surrounding Camas, and even today a few prune drying sheds and plum trees can be found, particularly in the aptly named “Prune Hill” area. Automation and a downturn in the paper industry slowly reduced mill employment, while hi-tech firms moved into new business parks. In the housing boom of the early 2000’s, Camas saw new homes and subdivisions being built at a record pace. Downtown Camas evolved to an attractive area of shops and restaurants to support the new residents.

New homes increased demand for Camas WA storage units. What was once a sleepy side business was suddenly in strong demand. New homeowners found the need to store excess furniture, sporting equipment, out-grown kids toys, and other household treasures. One Stop Mini Storage expanded with one large building to meet the demand.

In short order, it was obvious Camas WA storage unit demand would not be satisfied with the single new building, so One Stop Mini Storage initiated plans to double the size of the facility to address the Camas WA storage unit needs for the foreseeable future.

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Your Camas WA Storage Solution Awaits!

Today, Camas’ One Stop Mini Storage offers 300 storage units including 5 x 5, 5 x 15, 10 x 10, 10 x 15, and 10 x 20, with many sizes in between. Many storage units are offered in a heated environment, which minimizes dampness and condensation; a big advantage for those storing upholstered furniture and other soft goods. There is attractive professionally maintained landscaping throughout the nine storage unit buildings, and everything is kept clean and tidy.

The entire property is surrounded by a six foot cyclone fence. Twenty-two state-of-the-art cameras monitor the facility. The automated entry gate deters those who don’t belong on the premise. The Auto-Gate brand knife gate isn’t just unique and cool, but also improves security. Unlike slide gates that can be easily defeated by cutting the chain or cable that moves the gate, the Auto-Gate doesn’t have that vulnerability.

The owners of Camas’ One Stop Mini Storage are long-time members of the Camas business community, including twelve years on the board of the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce. We believe in doing business locally whenever possible. Local businesses make Camas the vibrant city that it is, and with traffic becoming increasingly challenging, goods and services close to home become even more important. Of course, enjoying one of our Camas WA storage units is the ultimate in convenience.