About Heated Storage Units

At One Stop Mini Storage, we offer a variety of heated storage units. In many cases the small additional cost is well worth it. In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about heated Camas storage units.

What is a “Heated” Storage Unit?

“Heated” storage unit in the Pacific Northwest means a furnace or other permanent heat source maintains the temperature of the unit at a minimum of 55 degrees. The “heated” area is generally well insulated.

I often see “Climate Controlled”, is that the same?

Maybe. In the Pacific Northwest, any reference to “climate” probably means “heated”. In other parts of the country, it could refer to air conditioning or dehumidifiers, but that is rare and unnecessary in the Pacific Northwest. Technically, our climate includes wind, rain, snow, lightning, etc., none of which a storage facility can “control”. More accurately, a storage facility can only offer control of temperature and humidity. It is wise to always ask exactly what aspect of “climate” is being controlled.

Why does my stuff need to be cozy and warm?

When temperature changes, the air warms faster than objects in storage. Humidity in the atmosphere then condenses on the colder object, forming water droplets. It is the same as the dampness that occurs on a glass of ice water in a warm room. Temperature varies day to night, and day to day, which over time can result in a significant volume of water droplets to soak into stored items. It is not about keeping your stuff warm, but rather keeping it from being damp.

Are there other reasons to have a Heated storage unit?

Absolutely. Heated areas tend to be well sealed and insulated to minimize energy use. That also tends to minimize dust and bugs that can get into units. Heated units also tend to open on interior hallways, so that provides an additional barrier to dust that can get around doors of drive-up units, and the hallway provides a clean and dry place when sorting through stored belongings. Of course, on a cold winter day, the 55 degrees makes it far more comfortable when accessing your storage unit.

What kind of things benefit from a Heated storage unit?

Upholstered furniture, clothing, mattresses (bag them anyway), books, and paper files all store much better in a heated storage unit.

Is a Heated storage unit guaranteed not to freeze?

No storage facility is immune to severe weather, power failures, or other calamities. Most heating units rely on electrical power, and logically a storage facility would rank lower on the electric company’s priority list than the local nursing home. That said, a well-insulated building will take a long time to drop in temperature. The effects of condensation occur over time, so an occasional temperature fluctuation won’t negate the benefits of a heated storage unit.

At One Stop Mini Storage, we offer heated units in the inside hallways of our 500 and 600 Buildings. These hallways are clean and well-lit, and efficient electric heaters keep the temperature at a 55 degree minimum. The space is heavily insulated. Storage Unit sizes includes 5×5, 5×10, 10×8, 10×10, and a few 10x15s. Although rates change periodically, at times a heated unit can be as little as $5-$10 more than an unheated unit of the same size.